Cambodian Genocide: Souls Waiting for Justice

A Buddhist memorial to the Cambodians. The Killing Field, 18 kilometers from Phnom Penh. A monument of remembrance, a testimony of the butchery in modern history. A time when humanity in a country located in Southeast Asia was reduced to a state of wretchedness, glued by blood and sustained by gruesome screams of the the dying.
Cambodia Genocide
There are 77 genocide memorials constructed by the people of Cambodia and supported by local and foreign institutions. The tribute to the dead.

Immediately after the Cambodian Civil War, in 1975 the Khmer Rouge regime laid waste to cities and towns, causing millions to flee their homes and displacement. Many did not return. The "Hitler of Cambodia", Pol Pot left a devastating legacy of 167 prisons, 373 killing sites and some 20,000 mass graves. In 1979, over 2 million dead, their souls remain in the death camps, the killing fields.
Zashnain Killing Fields
Barbarism beyond senses, a tyrant toys with a genocidal social experiment that fertilizes the soil with gore, the trees with chips of bone and plants with shredded flesh. Rape, torture, slavery and indoctrination ferments the mind into rot.
Unmarked graves, weeds growing wildly separated by small cement borders. Trees, photos and signboards accompany the dead. I smell aromatic smoke, from the nearby memorial structure... people reverently offer prayers under the blistering sunlight while incense are burnt for the dead.

My mind consumed by the aftertaste of loss that lingers in the field. I offer my silence to the waiting dead, under the shade of a Sleng Tree.
Victims of Pol Pot

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