Expressions, absence of regret

People. Clueless, ignorant, at times, with the roaring rage back in Malaysia, and where society is unable to stop the brewing foul politics and seems to live with an absence of contentment.

Oh well, many Malaysians are just far too disconnected with realities, not as if we're eagerly longing for societal change or the need to move the country to some form of unconventional positive action. Instead we bitch, goad others to react, or merely shake our legs while pretending ignorance is bliss.

Post-general election, GE13 for short, has been nothing more than anticipated redundancies and an embarrassment of repetitive mistakes and regrets. Defective political judgments, religious prosecution, racial misunderstanding, bloated corruption, and the oversight of greed-infused dreams, have segregated marginalized communities even further from mainstream society.

Malaysian identity seems as fragile as our egos. The need for the "Melayu race" to ascertain the origin, nature and definitive characteristics of the multiracial groups, has left society in confusion. Though, nothing new, and the majority shouldn't act as if its something new. Its been there for over 50 years.

When I think of the hypocrisy on all sides of Malaysian society, I feel depleted of energy. The blase indifference of society towards basic rights and concerns is quite disgusting.

In the mean time, I shall renew my focus, away from the fatigue fermenting in Malaysia, and continue with my life. This Thai coffee taste just about right.

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