Remembering the Leaves Rustling in the Wind

Some call this small sanctuary Tham Than Lot National Park, although popular among the locals, it is called Chaloem Rattankosin National Park. Within an area of only 59 square kilometers, the protected park gave me a night of peace, filled with soft fluttering of leaves as a gust of wind approaches and the creaking of bamboos under the pressure of strong moving air.
An evening of trekking in the tropical dry forest, and the exquisite flood of crisp fresh air into the lungs... quite intoxicating. In fact, being away from Bangkok even for a while is always a welcome change to routines.

Meals were swiftly consumed, in small portions; didn't really mind as I was eager to make the best of my limited time in the park. Spent the night walking along twisted roads, insects buzzing with energy, an observant moon and graced by frequent, delightful cold wind.
Thailand National Park
Chaloem Rattankosin
Chaloem Rattankosin in Thailand
Chaloem Rattankosin National Park

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