The Plot develops slowly, surely it shall come my way

Bleak society, such thoughts don't invite positive vibes to the creative, empowering mind. These thoughts, and those of a country, that seems to invoke provocative consciousnesses, brings about pain, the rage and occasionally sorrow.
Despite the many I know so well back home, in this wondrous country we call Malaysia, it seems festering in greed, deep resentment and that eagerness to snatch what does not belong to them. Power, wealth if one can seize it from the trembling hands of an orphan, corrupt individuals to believe what only they think is right, and in the process of theft, would not hesitate to hide behind god-fearing religion, culture and wicked racial sentiments.

Abnormalities of behavior has become the norm, the days of my late father are gone when honor used to symbolize something. 

Whether it is for the sheer pleasure of owning what is not theirs, or the unstable excessive desire to punish, the scoundrels take sheer delight, to inflict the pain that I know so well.

I am fortunate to be away from the insatiable appetite of a mushrooming monstrosity, these very beings who pray five times a day, utter the name of the Maker in vain, and yet falsely claim to a liberal stand or wise perception. However I sense them, cursing and swearing, as they plot in the daylight. Their small eyes blink, wagging tongues and dry throats, tempered by their greed, they wait.

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