Tuk-Tuk Riders in Cambodian Poverty

Eyes reflecting hardship, one could almost taste the sight of poverty. Determined looks, firm clean-shaven jaws and smiles that disrupt the senses when the tuk-tuk riders see a tourist or a local struggling to carry boxes.

Phnom Penh, the political heart of Cambodia. A city that offers much to the wandering traveler, a city bent on development and grasping on regional economics. Hopes and dreams of its people are often robbed by the rush. Debt-ridden rural women and men struggle against the tide, the adversity.
Many Cambodians suffer from hardship, in competition with Vietnamese migrant workers, construction bosses from China or the South Korean, Japanese managers. Nationalism feeds into the local sentiments... people need jobs, away from the darkness of destitution.

The tuk-tuk rider, is more than determined to make his wage for the day, at this point he has no choice. That or the beggary, homelessness and starvation.

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