Uncertainty, the articulation of your feelings and hesitation

Express yourself. Freely and fearlessly. Hail those around you, convey your emotions, that oh so strong agitation of feelings caused by your hesitant veneration for the opinions of others.

Your emotional state of mind should not be dependent on what others think of you... you are, after all, living with the pain; surrounded by the rusted bars of insecurity and of the strained, nervous unpredictability, harboring in a prison of your own making.
Bangkok Thailand Zashnain
Speak your mind, the ultimate expression of resistance against society that is eager to consume your senses, a delicacy for their wagging tongues, constricted dry throats and made redundant by half-baked thoughts. Express and wedge yourself into the darkened face of society, and subject yourself then, to the whiplash of immortality.

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