A sphere of suppressing authority, we spiral out of control

Tyranny fermenting in the minds of the weak, the disposition of grand delusions that is chained to the prison of insecurity. Much have been done, and much have been said, of the core values we humans pepper each other, whether tied to addictive patriotism, a perverted sniff of nationalism, or bowing low to the invisible, that creation we set forth to dominate the abiding sense of doubt and uncertainty of your mind.
Servitude, we seek, fearing that chance of being called upon, out to stand before others, and to make decisions for ourselves. Humanity fears of making mistakes, of doing something that resembles unpopularity, and that need to be accepted by the majority, or by the privileged few.

As we retreat into obedience, we mock others into similar circumstance, if have to - forcibly - exerting pressure of conformity. We prefer, somewhat, that others stand or grovel with us, as we transform our hypocrisy into civilized abomination.

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