End of Ramadan, Conflicting Emotions and Life

beach Zashnain

Life in the plantation, and the village, is far from dull. The nearby beach, the swaying coconut trees, frequent fresh sea breeze, wild vegetation and friendly villagers add color to the bleakness of the imposing, tall palm-oil trees belonging to the plantations.

Returning to my country, Malaysia - a country with a population of 28 million people, is never easy. Too much of the past, untold misery, revisited. Not to mention, the greed of former acquaintances, inheritance-grabbing individuals and some, supposedly, people of purity. Aye, a beautiful country with a society bent on consuming itself.

End of Ramadan, and yet I'm back despite my hesitation. I'm not fleeing from societal contradictions. I'm just keen to be in the company of people, family, who are not judgmental. I'm back, even briefly, for those treasured memories and delightful senses.

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