Returning to a country where society is blind because of purity

As the plane flew over the landscape, the thick clouds parted revealing the haze over the congested airport. LCCT seems swallowed by the haze, the legacy of organized land-clearing by farmers and the unchecked corporate pollution. Fire and pesticide, commonly used by farmers and plantation workers, from Malaysia and neighboring country, Indonesia, to remove vegetation and trees. Such primitive and destructive acts are deeply ingrained in the behaviors of the labourers and their land masters, while politicians mimic outrage and environmentalists offer no sustainable change... well, except to make speeches about rights sound articulate to a redundant society.

Back in Malaysia, my country. Feels good to be back, even for a while. I intend to complete this trip as swiftly as possible. The uncertainty, this ghastly political climate which offers no hope for society to remove itself from more than five decades of indoctrination and dependency on a crazed system of governance.

I don't see a bright future for Malaysians, nor will the younger generation escape the intoxicating intolerance brewing in my country. Corruption, assassination, robbery and all sorts of wicked behavioral delicacies offered by and for society, what a common occurrence. Just like the onslaught of corporate domination and political subjugation, Malaysians are caught, bound in the pits of apathy, by our own strength: intelligence.

Even with the best mind, and self licking pride, society is easily consumed by their distractions and materialism. They, we, seem to have "better things to do" as the popular saying among not just the upper middle class but also those nurturing a self-importance lifestyle. Educated, learned yet possessing no wisdom, no desire to truly help those in greater need.

I return to an exquisite country, that is wrecked by intellectual barbarism, by capitalism gone berserk, and by infantile byproduct of racial supremacy. Citizens of Malaysia, indeed, you are truly damned by subconscious insecurities or this inability to live freely.

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