Slaughtering in the name of the unknown

The dead, 5,235 people. The wounded, 9,704 people. Violence, a cocktail consumed by Pattani-Melayu militants, oppression wielded by heavily armed groups, and drunkenness clouding their capacity to show compassion.

Statistics compiled of the dead and maimed, numbers for Jan 1, 2004-Aug 31, 2013, according to a summary report by Thailand's Internal Security Operation Command.

Dead: 2,216 were Buddhists, 2,888 Muslims and 131 of unknown religions.

Wounded: 6,163 are Buddhists, 3,038 Muslims and 503 of unknown religions.

In the month of August 2013 alone, there were 84 insurgency-related incidents comprising 43 shootings, 36 bombings and five arsons. 

Of all, 33 took place in Narathiwat, 27 in Pattani, 23 in Yala, and one in Songkhla.

The butchery in August caused 56 deaths - 36 Buddhists and 20 Muslims - and 125 injured comprising 84 Buddhists and 41 Muslims.

Pattani radicals, supporters of ultra Melayu nationalism and the ignorant across the southern border claim this Jihad is necessary, to cleanse the "Siam colonists" from the land, yet truly, is it a Jihad when civilians are murdered to serve the patriotic needs of the few?

Welcome to ThaiSouth, where reason is neglected, mercy is dead, and the voices of peace-seeking community are made deaf by the slaughter.

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