Floods in the south: the calamity of ignorance and apathy

Floods reported down south.

Since the beginning of the week, Narathiwat has experienced heavy, drenching rain. Landslides, regular wrath of nature and the ineffectiveness of political power in the southern constituencies have always been troubling the population.

The grey downpour won't stop just because folks offer prayers and contribute their daily coin in the name of charity. Relief workers and resources are needed, though their MPs and political cronies need not hear this again from a traveler like myself.

Overwhelming flash floods and persistent natural disasters have made the people of ThaiSouth somewhat bewildered, particularly on the fact that other provinces care not of their state of affairs. Critically, I view the southern politicians as redundant, their political scheming ways to sustain their positions and indulges in their unofficial corrupted practices have kept the people they swore to serve in continual poverty.

Local journalists, those with the luxury of being able to communicate in English and afford a 3-piece suit, are engrossed with political puppetry and intellectual literature; yanking the sentiments of their readers, while being yanked themselves by their political masters. Their half-baked attempts at understanding their own people are marred by their indifference to the poor in the south.

My Thai friend, who is also a relief worker, tells me that the government has set in motion a relief plan, to provide aid to the south provinces. For that, I am thankful, especially a coordinated effort to reach out to those who are in need. A thought, of the floods in the northern states of Malaysia, came to mind. I hope the authorities there take the yearly downpour seriously, though I have doubts of their 'swift' responses.

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