History carved on the walls of old structures in Penang

Something about Penang that keeps me going to the island, despite the mega development of its wild terrain, areas of sparse clean beaches, the crawl of the overheated vehicles stuck in traffic and the superficial bloated commercialism in its fancy shopping malls and high-society restaurants.

I appreciate the presence of temples, mosques and churches, where the cluster places of worship stands within walking distance of each other. The Penang trip was a much needed break from the hectic urban labyrinth of Thailand, and memories of past visits to the island had placed a smile on my face.

People in Penang are different, most are incredibly multi-faceted in personality though I see more of a stronger Malaysian spirit of cultural mosaic than their kin in peninsula. Penang's multiculturalism, is delightfully unique, especially when one gawks at the history carved on the walls of old structures.

Wat Chaiyamangalaram (Thai Buddhist temple)
Thai Buddhist temple in Georgetown, Penang
A glance at a Burmese Buddhist temple
This temple stands opposite of the Thai temple

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