Into the Realms of Destitution and Social Exclusion

Thais and foreigners face uphill challenges of securing or maintaining safe housing, and irregular income has made the urban poor extremely vulnerable. Blame it on the heightened blast of capitalism, or the bloated social hierarchy that facilitates the widening of classes and stigmatization of the lesser breeds.

Bangkok, the city that provides opportunities for those lucky to earn enough or if one is fortunate to be born into an upper middle class family. As for the homeless, its common for them to make ends meet by working odd jobs - very often digging through the trash bins, looking for a recyclable tin or discarded bottle to be resold.

Life, as we know it, is controlled by those with the wealth and intellectual might. Then on, enfeeblement sets in, as society accepts the striking fact that the poor are needed to serve the whims of the elites. Someone after all has to continue running in the hamster wheel, to make the rich feel special, so that they can nod in gratitude of their high station and thank their lucky stars for their privileges.

Homeless man searching for discard items in the garbage to be sold


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