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As Bangkok Prepares for the New Year

In a few hours, I'm expecting the revelry of a 'new year' to erupt in Bangkok. I've left unfinished reports and unanswered emails, don't really matter for the moment.
I see blinking lights, glaring ones on the side of old buildings. A blast of cold breeze whipping at my unprotected legs and arms. Thais and a handful of foreigners staggering down the uneven pavement, perhaps looking forward to the celebration, somewhere.
If it wasn't for the poor planning, I would have set my feet on Malaysian soil by now. Factors beyond my influence seem to work against me. Used to disappointments, and the repetitive clash of schedules prevent me from truly understanding my presence in this city at this moment.
Bangkok is embracing for street riots, hell knows Suthep would flex his muscles and exert his blatant display of power. After the new year: the occupation of Bangkok, the spread of hate. He had promised in front of a roaring crowd of bloodlust. Oaths of spite, festering…

Thailand's Winter, the Struggle for Democracy and Hope

"Winter" in Bangkok, the cooling breeze and scattered lazy clouds, today feels like 26C. My friend, a Thai Muslim who migrated from Yala province, works on the sidewalk near Sathorn Road. Malik has been living in Bangkok for the past four years, and now in this district as a street food vendor.
Malik prepares the marinated chicken meat, while skillfully fries some in his mobile cart. We met a few months ago, how I remember the initial distrust when we first spoke of Thai politics. Heated arguments, however led to a firm respect, I do admire his peserverance. 
Malik is not a supporter of Yingluck Shinawatra, in fact he finds her superficial to say the least. Not that he knows the prime minister on a personal note, it's just that he feels the lack of progress for his village and his community in Yala. Almost daily carnage, the rising body count, and the redundancy of politicians in the violent ThaiSouth has produced a generation of young, sturdy, anxious southern Thais.

Suthep Thaugsuban: Hunger for Ruin

Thai politics, the embodiment of unparalleled insanity. One that depends on radically distinctive flaws of self glorification, with a heavy dose of hate speech, and a blatant display of resistance towards democracy.

Such cocktail of ideological indoctrination, spiced by passionate rants of a deranged politician, touches on delusions of societal insecurities, that desire to maintain their social and economical station above the peasantry, the marginalized poor and those born in the gutters of the caste ladder.

Suthep Thaugsuban, out-flanked and out-numbered by the edible voters of his country, has been sulking quietly. He generates an aura, blinding with puritan nationalistic pride, engulfing those who don't know whether to bow to his critical pedagogy of a feudalistic ambition or simply to remain silent for fear of his hunger to inflict harm on those who disagree with him. Some, the oddity of Thai bourgeois society, consciously choose to be blinded by this light, unwilling to admi…

Lord Suthep, the Messiah Promoting the Culture of Spite

A deciding factor for Suthep Thaugsuban in reclaiming his notorious reputation in Thailand's middle upper class was not the fact that he was facing murder charges for the fatality of civilians in the disastrous military crackdown in Bangkok. Nor was it related to his corruption and the institutionalized slavery in his family-owned plantations in Surat Thani province. Suthep, a self-styled Thai lord, has left his mark on Bangkok by mobilizing the educated urban elites to run amok against an elected government and chanting the return to feudalism.

The anxiety that has been building up within him reached a crisis. He was a member of parliament until 11 November, when after a discussion with the leadership circles in and outside of the Democrat Party, he resigned. Five other MPs followed suit, a political puppetry to show that Suthep was not isolated by the central hive.

The war dogs came leaping from the crumbling fortress of the Democrat Party. Its no secret that this elite-based pa…