As Bangkok Prepares for the New Year

In a few hours, I'm expecting the revelry of a 'new year' to erupt in Bangkok. I've left unfinished reports and unanswered emails, don't really matter for the moment.

I see blinking lights, glaring ones on the side of old buildings. A blast of cold breeze whipping at my unprotected legs and arms. Thais and a handful of foreigners staggering down the uneven pavement, perhaps looking forward to the celebration, somewhere.

If it wasn't for the poor planning, I would have set my feet on Malaysian soil by now. Factors beyond my influence seem to work against me. Used to disappointments, and the repetitive clash of schedules prevent me from truly understanding my presence in this city at this moment.

Bangkok is embracing for street riots, hell knows Suthep would flex his muscles and exert his blatant display of power. After the new year: the occupation of Bangkok, the spread of hate. He had promised in front of a roaring crowd of bloodlust. Oaths of spite, festering in the complacent heart of Thailand. 

Despite the rumours and bitching, people find time to position themselves into homes of friends, private rooms of pleasure, pubs and even the streets. Thais hoping for this brief period of 'sanity' to express merriment, and the usual temporary departure from their routines.

New year celebration, an excuse of the middle class to wear their luxuries and the poor to find sanctuaries. Alcohol, food, and what's left of urban sensations, are served, with eager smiles and bright eyes, and clutching hands.

Aye, I'm in a foul mood. This is to be expected from me. Hurdled in some corner of a noisy narrow street, sitting on a wooden stool with a barking abandoned dog as my companion. Soon, we shall see the hypocrisy of urban population, the selfies, the bowing, the words expressed on swollen tongues, with intoxicated glancing eyes. 

After that's all done, they'll find their soft beds, entwined limbs, passionate kisses, deep thrusts and soft moans. Bliss, in ignorance, just to forget, for that moment. With the sunrise, Bangkok will stir to the revelation of loss, of decay, and of mock outrage to the unveiling inevitable cycle of misery. 


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