Lord Suthep, the Messiah Promoting the Culture of Spite

A deciding factor for Suthep Thaugsuban in reclaiming his notorious reputation in Thailand's middle upper class was not the fact that he was facing murder charges for the fatality of civilians in the disastrous military crackdown in Bangkok. Nor was it related to his corruption and the institutionalized slavery in his family-owned plantations in Surat Thani province. Suthep, a self-styled Thai lord, has left his mark on Bangkok by mobilizing the educated urban elites to run amok against an elected government and chanting the return to feudalism.
Thailand Democrat Party

The anxiety that has been building up within him reached a crisis. He was a member of parliament until 11 November, when after a discussion with the leadership circles in and outside of the Democrat Party, he resigned. Five other MPs followed suit, a political puppetry to show that Suthep was not isolated by the central hive.

The war dogs came leaping from the crumbling fortress of the Democrat Party. Its no secret that this elite-based party, governed by the Thai privileged class, people who enjoy superior economic, social and intellectual status, wants a permanent position to rule the country despite the social rejection it received in 2011 national elections. Abhisit Vejjajiva, the former prime minister who is also facing murder charges in a Thai court, was one of the contributing factors of downfall of his group, the fashionable elites. Often I tell people that just because a political party uses the word "Democrat" does not mean it represent a colorful perception of them actually believing in democracy. Far from it. Thanks to Suthep, fascism has a name: People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). A group that disguise themselves under the chic banner of democracy although firmly holds on the bourgeois motto of the few ruling the masses.

The gap between Thai high society and the poor is basically an immeasurably vast, deep chasm. Educated, English-speaking upper crust have kept the poor in their place, whether in urban slums, or plantations in the south, fishing villages in ThaiSouth, and in the homes of the rich, keeping them in place as pitiful nodding servants. Its a classic situation where the few cultivate the taste for feudal antiquities, hungry to spread the taste to others. In Suthep's world, the majority of Thailand's 66 million people should be robbed of their right to determine their government. This lord and the nest of wealthy elitists, tycoons and bourgeois have no intention of allowing the masses to vote for their choice - unless the poor comply with the whims of the middle class.

Lord Suthep, I find that title befitting for a man who enjoys stimulating the subdued thoughts of ignorant wannabes; to ramble about creating a country free of corruption, of equality and the removal, forcibly when given the power to do so, of the Shinawatra family from Thailand. Hate speech, threats are common for both the educated and uneducated, as passions run deep when confronted by the prospects of losing at the elections, or simply when preventing the high society from enjoying their God-given rights as models of good breeding, caste-based excellence. He and his peers in the Democrat Party see perfection of rule, provided they are the ones to shape and choke the country.

In a move to stop the meltdown, which would have increased the death count caused by politically motivated violence and halt the climate of hate caused by the misinformation campaigns of PRDC and the Democrat Party, Yingluck Shinawatra (Thailand's prime minister) is promoting the right of choice back to the people. Parliament dissolution was approved by the King of Thailand, a revered head of state, and his royal decree set February 2, 2014 for national election. If all opposing sides believe in the fundamentals of self-determination, then best they resort with the ballot box.

There are enough indicators based on my travels in Thailand since early 2011, the masses, especially the rural folks and people living outside of capitalistic Bangkok, will support the Pheu Thai party and their populist policies. Whether Yingluck would return as prime minister, that depends partly by politicians and their supporters, I guess.

The questions swirling in my mind, about the culture of hate, this fermented belief on social segregation and economic lopsidedness, the fuckery that is bred by the middle class: Will the climate of propagating inequality be around after the election? Many of the poor, the marginalized and the ostracized, and rural Thai Muslims that I have met, believe it so. Institutionalized slavery, by the elites, is needed, as in the horrible caste system championed by Lord Suthep and his fascists.

Bourgeois society opposes democratic flow, even though the process is enshrined in the Thai Constitution. This fundamental law of Thailand, Section 4 simply states "The human dignity, rights and liberties and equality of the people shall be protected."

However this is definitely not part of the grand design of Lord Suthep, the messiah of the bourgeois.

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