Suthep Thaugsuban: Hunger for Ruin

Thai politics, the embodiment of unparalleled insanity. One that depends on radically distinctive flaws of self glorification, with a heavy dose of hate speech, and a blatant display of resistance towards democracy.

Such cocktail of ideological indoctrination, spiced by passionate rants of a deranged politician, touches on delusions of societal insecurities, that desire to maintain their social and economical station above the peasantry, the marginalized poor and those born in the gutters of the caste ladder.
Democrat Party

Suthep Thaugsuban, out-flanked and out-numbered by the edible voters of his country, has been sulking quietly. He generates an aura, blinding with puritan nationalistic pride, engulfing those who don't know whether to bow to his critical pedagogy of a feudalistic ambition or simply to remain silent for fear of his hunger to inflict harm on those who disagree with him. Some, the oddity of Thai bourgeois society, consciously choose to be blinded by this light, unwilling to admit that Suthep intends to bring-about doom.

Suthep, a former deputy prime minister of Thailand and a senior politician of the Democrat Party, intends to stop the national elections.

"I will do everything to stop the next election."

He said that today to a group of corporate leaders, tycoons and representatives of the local banking networks. Neither me nor my friends know the outcome of the meeting, though little comes to mind when the corporate suits choose to meet with a man addicted to melodramatic fervor.

"I am confident I can do it."

The self appointed leader of the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), this man who was known for his distressing persona, has made his move. He is recruiting, mobilizing, tempting and baiting those with the financial might, the intellectual standing, and those of good breeding, to join or fund his campaign.

Lord Suthep knows no other options, nor would he be interested to consider any. He intends to change Thailand, shape it to meet his ambition, where petrified democracy is nailed on to a nightmare of his creation.

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