Furtherance of the Cruel Face of Thai Fascism

Suthep Thaugsuban announced that Monday, January 13 as the start of his shutdown campaign of Bangkok, this capitalistic heart of Thailand. His face, along with a handful of ambitious opportunists, strikes a cord in society. It's now all about rioting until common sense and conventional wisdom of democracy dies.

Fascism in Thailand has a bold leader. It's also about Bangkok and the whims of the Thai urban middle class and elites, along with hard muscle from the south.

The shutdown, based on urban educated perceptions are meant as a show of power. Particularly a grand display of street violence, thuggery and propaganda spin. This campaign is meant to force the rest of Thailand that the February 2 election must stop to make way for Suthep's self elected council to lord over the masses. So-called reform in the name of rights has been the backbone of Suthep's puritan mission.

Blackmailing Thailand into submission is acceptable based on the desires of the opposition groups, such as from the oldest political institution: the Democrat Party. Despite it falling in complete contradiction to democratic process, the party and Suthep partly depend on swift subjugation of the masses. Not a foreign tactic, we've seen our fair share of elitism in history, that 1% trying to forcefeed the 99% with a feudalistic way of life.

Reform, according to Suthep and the democrat party, must take place before the general election. Reform, which has been demanded by the opposition, however has no basis, nor do they have any plans or proposed policies in human rights, in justice nor the indication of how to manage their country. Instead they rely on hate speeches, threats to spill blood, and the furtherance of mayhem to 'convince' the masses to succumb to the 'wisdom' of the elites, of the 1%.

Fascism has a face, though that face is shrouded by the illusion, this pompous appearance of intelligent, wise, wealthy leaders. For them, they want their karma-given right to positions of influence, the mandate to rule, without the electoral flow or the participatory approach of eligible voters. There's no need, by their words, to have an election when the corrupt rule the government. A blasted sense of hypocrisy, particularly when they themselves fail to mention of the corruption surrounding Suthep and the 'esteemed' high-born members of the party. What more of democrat controlled Bangkok, and the unbalanced extreme capitalism within their formerly controlled provinces.

While Suthep and his horde throw tantrums in Bangkok, little is mentioned about their own filthy backgrounds and how they take delight in the momentum of public domination. The urban poor, the marginalized, the homeless are naturally not in the equation. They fear him, they fear the presence of southerners from Suthep's plantations. They fear that Suthep is championing a class war, where the elites get to step over the broken bloodied heads of the poor. 

Fear, naturally is an oppressive tool of the strong to subjugate the weak. Fear of losing their rights to vote, fear of the glaring, cruel face of fascism.

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