By way of hate, thou shalt live

A humid morning, with the usual notorious dose of air pollution that is commonly associated with Thailand's capital city, Bangkok. An unspectacular sunrise and the angry roar of engines. What can I expect from a city that seems to be oblivious to anyone not native to its urban labyrinth.

At the intersection of Silom, this 'walking street' where feverish devotees of Suthep Thaugsuban sell clothing and trinkets, aye those with the so-called Thai patriotic colors. The break of day, the loud ramblings of a pre-recorded show of Suthep giving speeches to the faithfuls on a gigantic expensive LCD, and the display of art that the Bangkok bourgeois are so fond of.
Thailand PM
PDRC's demands: Terminate, Leave or Break-Up (in Thai). Picture of a zombified Yingluck Shinawatra
Its also common to see gutter politics from the sophisticated class of Bangkok people, those who proclaimed that their higher education allows them more rights than those without, incidentally these are the 1% who tried, with threats, violence and with some success, to stop the general elections.

In fact, this minority elites and wannabes glorify a twisted sense of morality, when those without the financial strength must be herded to a corner and those without the influence in the social hierarchy are expected to continue living their pitiful lives as serfs and slaves. This refined morality, which is filled with detestation, discrimination and prejudice. Them trying to incite violence upon Thailand's first female prime minister (ironically, so much for the Thai boasts of understanding women) just because it suits the haters and the chauvinistic deficiencies? So typical, so predictable of the ultra Thainess which is in simpler term called, "Hate".

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