A Thai city broken and battered by the arrogance of class segregation

‎Bangkok. A labyrinth of conformity to the hybrid of societal desires. What glory, the burst of daily sound stimulating the senses, and the twitch of the muscles when confronted by the endless buffet of physical delights. 

Eyes, unable to grasp the reality, hallucinating by the millions dwelling in the towering structures of capitalistic whims; and of the lowly hearts in the blacken pits of poverty.

Pitiful boxes some call home, those seeking temporary sanctuary away from the pounding humidity, the acidic smog, the tearing of the eyes by the corrupted stinging air; they experience these and that, with wishful thoughts to materialistic enlightenment and possession. And perhaps, a release from the painful illusion created by those laying such standards of compliance.

Bangkok, a pure random burst of abstract greed that burns within the pulsing life of a social order that breeds an unthinkable sensibility for a monstrous complexity. Tears are ignored, cries are muffled, while the elitism of pride, of arrogance command heads to bow, lips to curl and palms to clasp on another.

Clusters, twisted by the confusion, the world, this realm called Bangkok, is collapsing upon itself, with a smile, broken and bloodied by fury.

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