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Deprivation, of senses we don't feel or want to show

From its hidden slums and wet markets, to its sprawling shopping malls and universities, Bangkok is a magnet for the brave, for the adventurous -- *chuckle* all damned in this sophisticated maze. Locals, foreigners go by living their lives without a glance, and even if they do see the child begging on the street, playing with their friends or simply picking at the trash bin to find a discarded object. This metropolis reeks of self-righteous might, and self-pity. The stench of poverty is overpowering, mingled with the marching anti-government protesters who consciously ignore the destitution in their city, much less in distant rural provinces. The rigorous humbleness of poverty, is deeply entrenched in the social fabric of Thai society; that often we forget the value of life.

We Go This Way But Once

We go this way but once, oh heart of mine, So why not make the journey well worth while,
Giving to those who travel with us A helping hand, a word of cheer, a smile.

We go this way but once. Ah, never more Can we go back along the self same way, To get more out of life, undo the wrongs, Or speak love's words we knew but did not say.

We go this way but once. Then let us make The road we travel blossomy and sweet, With helpful, kindly deeds and tender words, Smoothing the path of bruised and stumbling feet.

Mingling Activism with Mental Health and Stigmatization

Many pseudo bourgeois experts and academies have defined stigma as the most significant obstacle to strive for a quality of life for individuals with mental illnesses. What type of quality of life were they referring in placing their hope for these individuals to overcome with such obstacle like mental illnesses? It is as if they have set up their bar of expectations and force others to comply these expectations in order to cater their utopic hope for a better society and a better quality of life.
Alas, those who suffer such stigmatization on mental difficulties have dreadful consequences for those who are targeted, whereas aggravating by these difficulties they face to the point where it is not easy to differentiate the indications that caused by mental illness from those that are brought on by the effect of stigma. Stigma transpires when labeling, stereotyping, separation, status loss and discrimination exist at the same time in a situation of power imbalance.
Where does this power…

An illusion, generating false emotions to a redundant urban Thai society

Songkran, finally the end of a three-day water cum new year celebration, at least in Bangkok, and the beginning of an uptight urban society faking the motions of needing prosperity or wanting to grab political power with twitching greedy hands. Sirens, the familiar blare, on the streets of Bangkok, and at this hour of the night. More so with the extraordinary crime rate in the metropolis of Thailand. So much has happened, even with my return to the urban smog, and hypocritical semblance of what they, we, you call an educated society.
‎In truth, I am not eager to be in a city that seems to embrace a twisted, addictive moral standard that seems gentle on the outside but furiously obnoxious inside. Aye, many other cities in southeast Asia display such characteristics, though Bangkok usually takes a step up, or off. Dilemma of the city's political crisis is infused with the middle-class, their indifference towards the hardship faced in the rural north, and the savagery of killings in t…

First sojourn in Koh Chang, Thailand

An island, this state of delight. My sojourn with loved ones, where nature's embrace and the kiss of humidity charmed me into another adventure.

Pro-government Red Shirts respond to rally call

Thailand's Red Shirts rally at Thanon Utthayan, on the first day.

[View the story "Pro-Govt Red Shirts Respond to Rally Call" on Storify]

Indifference towards child poverty in Bangkok

A child, wearing the local school uniform, stands under the punishing sunlight with his back to the congested traffic that Bangkok is notoriously known for. He plays, with his dexterous thin fingers, a Lao traditional musical instrument, ka'an, as his body moves to the tunes he creates. A man approaches, looking at the red basket in front of the boy.

Street kids, some neglected by parents, while others live in extreme hardship of the slums or worse homeless. Bangkok may be a mighty city of capitalistic ventures, with luxurious offices of so-called advocates of child protection and dignity, and a bloated public health department of city hall, however in the end this bastion harbors a festering culture of indifference and at times a blatant rejection of compassion.