Deprivation, of senses we don't feel or want to show

From its hidden slums and wet markets, to its sprawling shopping malls and universities, Bangkok is a magnet for the brave, for the adventurous -- *chuckle* all damned in this sophisticated maze. Locals, foreigners go by living their lives without a glance, and even if they do see the child begging on the street, playing with their friends or simply picking at the trash bin to find a discarded object. This metropolis reeks of self-righteous might, and self-pity. The stench of poverty is overpowering, mingled with the marching anti-government protesters who consciously ignore the destitution in their city, much less in distant rural provinces. The rigorous humbleness of poverty, is deeply entrenched in the social fabric of Thai society; that often we forget the value of life.

A curious Thai child pausing to see the treasure of her work -- collecting discarded recyclable goods to sell. 

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