First sojourn in Koh Chang, Thailand

An island, this state of delight. My sojourn with loved ones, where nature's embrace and the kiss of humidity charmed me into another adventure.

From the mainland, the sight that greeted me. The island, the biggest in Eastern Thailand, promises white sandy beaches and a flirt with nature.

Coastal fishing boats, baking under the intense sunlight. 

Trees, green. Endless. They hug the terrain, nature's embrace. The island is home to a wide range of wildlife, and where elephants are iconic beings to the locals.

Trees, small brown trucks, tall branches and green leaves. Further, one can find the natural park a tempting peaceful place to explore and unwind.

Sampan with a motor and oar, parked comfortably at the river. Boats are common used by the locals, while narrow roads at times snake up the hills.  

Chalets on stilts, colorful and flanked by mangroves. Away from the small towns, away from the horde of tourists.

A resort, restaurants; with distant hills and forests. The locals are friendly; I find this common in many rural areas within the region.

A view of the sunset at the Anna Resort; preferring this over the sunrise.

Solitude, this island; another one in the middle of nowhere almost two hours from Koh Chang.

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