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Anti-coup gatherings, of defiance - rightly so

People's power? Aye, particularly when citizens mobilize for the sheer determination to defend their hopes, and peacefully rise against the military junta.

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Thais expressing resistance against martial law

Anti-martial law protest in Bangkok and Chiang Mai:

ลึน่าจัง บุกสโมสร ทบ.โวยลั่นด่าพล.อ.ประยุทธ์ สั่งปิดHot TV ทำขาดทุน25ล.ไม่มีข้าวกิน ลิดรอนสิทธิ์ ยันหนุนอัยการศึก
— Deep Blue Sea (@WassanaNanuam) May 21, 2014
"DON’T RAPE THE PEOPLE" anti martial law protest at BKK art centre
— ThaiFreeNews (@thomasFATCAT) May 20, 2014RT @ThaiFarmer_Son: หยุดข่มเหงประชาชน หยุดกฏอัยการศึก หน้าหอศิปล์ กทม. วันนี้ // brave lady— Tony Hedges (@TonyHedges) May 21, 2014
No to martial law. Sit in protest to military use of martial law in BKK today
— noi thamma (@noithamma) May 20, 2014
Aj Nithi Eiwsriwong among anti-Martial Law protesters in Chiang Mai. “@komsamuth:
— แก้วมาลา Kaewmala (@Thai_Talk) May 21, 2014
— มด (@mod_red) May 20,— แดง ไบเล่ (@MrSarayut) May 21, 2014
ที่อุบล ค้านกฎอัยการ…

The Rise of Melodramatic Fervour, Collapse of Common Sense

Being cynical has its moments, a twitter-friend @RITT41 who's flurry of tweet-energy goes to on-line activism of an ideology that he and many like him have embraced: democracy, and what follows, the free electoral system. It's common, that word, that concept of governance and that the need to reshape the destiny of the masses, all in the name of justice and fairness. Based on my travels to provinces often forgotten by the urban population, the general notion that democracy is part of a maturing Thai society, where basic human rights, of electoral process and individual expression. Thais want, and need, an end to the political hypocrisy. 

Suthep Thaugsuban is a crafty political manufacturer of Bangkok hypocrisy and a plantation lord in his home province of Surat Thani. He has declared for the 11th time of the 'final battle' to end the caretaker government and eventually the demise of democracy in Thailand. Despite the right-wing crusade and melodramatic speeches, the &qu…

Red Shirts regroup to push for election, democracy in Thailand

Political rallies are an integral part of Thailand's societal psychological structure, and the ugliness of Thai politics stems perhaps from the need, every decade or so or less, to push, bend and possibly break the conformity that has been placed upon their lives. Traditional order commands, and even though manipulated by some during times of crisis, others view their structured lives as a passive receptacle for the mind, that excitable sensory experience.
Recently, the opposition figurehead of Thai politics, Abhisit Vejjajiva, called for the caretaker prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra to resign before the July election. Abhisit, a former prime minister with a legacy of notoriety to boot, has been going around, making appearances at the premises of this official or that general to improve his public persona which has slumped an all time low among Thais outside of Bangkok. Its common knowledge, and a source of further amusement, that Abhisit will never win in a free and fair electi…