The Rise of Melodramatic Fervour, Collapse of Common Sense

Being cynical has its moments, a twitter-friend @RITT41 who's flurry of tweet-energy goes to on-line activism of an ideology that he and many like him have embraced: democracy, and what follows, the free electoral system. It's common, that word, that concept of governance and that the need to reshape the destiny of the masses, all in the name of justice and fairness. Based on my travels to provinces often forgotten by the urban population, the general notion that democracy is part of a maturing Thai society, where basic human rights, of electoral process and individual expression. Thais want, and need, an end to the political hypocrisy

Thailand PDRC
The noose on Suthep's neck

Suthep Thaugsuban is a crafty political manufacturer of Bangkok hypocrisy and a plantation lord in his home province of Surat Thani. He has declared for the 11th time of the 'final battle' to end the caretaker government and eventually the demise of democracy in Thailand. Despite the right-wing crusade and melodramatic speeches, the "final battle" hasn't really taken off properly nor has it ended, much to the frustration of those expecting incentives for their support. The madman's nightmarish design of a greater Thailand, envisioned with marching patriots and flag-waving ultras, to form an unelected "people's council" which naturally be under his inflexible influence.

Suthep, the Thai messiah of the social elites, has destroyed the credibility of the democrat party, which ironically has no qualms in supporting his undemocratic solution -- if only to increase their opportunity to plant themselves as the new regime. ‎His campaign which started about six months ago, rose with intense roaring popularity among the mainly middle-class and hundreds of Thai Muslims living in and outside of Bangkok; although that popularity has been reduced to a pathetic state, particularly when Thais realised Suthep depends on his self-styled "guards" to enforce the dogma of violence, of obedience

Nowadays one can expect barely a few hundreds to a couple of thousands ‎on perhaps a weekend rally near the comforts of a shopping mall. The momentum of 'reforms' is at an end, the public have rejected not only Suthep but also his glory-seeking group called the People's Democratic Reform Committee. The rejection, quite expectedly, is also on the fact that Suthep was unable to completely remove the previous and present government. Aye, a few buildings belonging to the government were temporarily shut down and occupied, the infamous episode of blocking and intimidating voters leading to the February election, and the random shooting, bludgeoning of common folks and authorities into submission. Suthep knows no other method of changing societal behaviour besides the political violence that has revisited Bangkok and some parts of Thailand. 

While the mob that entails PDRC are abandoning their ranks, the Red Shirt and UDD movement have acquired the rhythm, in masses. Initial stern warnings by UDD leadership of restraint and patience in the face of PDRC hostility have worked to their overall advantage. Frequent peaceful assembly outside and within the outskirts of Bangkok have proven effective in legitimatising their "defence of democracy", despite a few confrontational incidents, with pouring support from distant northern provinces and even sympathetic displays in the capital of Thailand. 

The Red Shirts, even some splinter groups, are pushing for elections, to determine the direction of their country based on the will of the masses. Shrinking in size, PDRC has lost control of their southern guards and mercenaries. Repeated aggressive backlash, stems from lawlessness (or simply that they are uncontrollable), violence against the public, police, soldiers and sometimes as a result of PDRC inter-gang conflicts.

"Today the traitor (Yingluck) is not in government anymore. The head is gone. Our mission is close to the end. We've almost reached it. We only need to clean out these dead bodies. Then we can set up a government of the people." -- Suthep speech.

But then again, how is it that a minority group of 3rd-rate politicians and wannabes have been able to hole out for so long. Initial government non-confrontational approach towards the rising of PDRC, which eventually led to the downfall of Yingluck Shinawatra, had destroyed the self-righteousness persona of Suthep. 

‎PDRC is well known, in its notoriety, to open violence against those that stand in their way.

Interestingly, while Suthep pushes for his reforms at the cost of a social meltdown, the democrat party is sulking due to the rejection of Abhisit's 'road-map' for political reconciliation. British-passport-wielding Abhisit who tries to unsuccessfully rejuvenate his political image has started his own campaign to sit on the fence, distancing himself from his former subordinate -- Suthep was his former deputy prime minister, and one who gave the green light for the violent crackdown of Red Shirts in 2010. Possibly fearing a backlash, Abhisit is trying to craft a more digestible image, as a peace-loving politician though one can't help chuckle when seeing him take pot shots at his arch-foes during interviews with foreign media. Abhisit, or Mark as the elites call him, is what Thais would say a man willingly to do anything to save his own skin. His new image and hypocrisy is to many completely alien and indigestible

Suthep, a man bent on leaving his mark on Thai history has been extraordinarily provocative in words and deeds. His speeches fall flat of human rights, and often a cocktail of hate speech and extreme prejudice. His recruitment of a rogue monk, Buddha Issara, has constantly reminded me of mortals claiming to be Buddhists yet preferring the doctrine of subjugation, similar to 'monks' in Myanmar who crave for the blood of Muslim and Rohingya minorities. I don't think Suthep cares about having a squeaky clean image of PDRC; thus the recruitment of Thai fundamental extremists.

The irony of it all, it appears that the middle class of Bangkok prefer an end to the embarrassment, the lost of face, caused by Suthep's zeal and the radicalism of PDRC. ‎While some continue to infuse some basic educated decency and sensibility in the organisation, their attempts are mocked by their pro-democracy opponents. After all, it's almost impossible to disguise hypocrisy.

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