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Muzzling Expression: of creative insights among the unsilenced desire

Chiangmai is the perfect destination for Thai artists and those who love art, because of the beauty, the atmosphere and the architectural impressions. They who crave for freedom of expression, would choose this city, the province. I managed to experience the sights and sound of the small gatherings in this ancient city.

And because of the artistic moods, many in Chiangmai tend to have very independent thoughts, far different from the mainstream ideas of Bangkok.

Questioning society through arts are the key tools that they took to protest and show their disagreement on this latest coup coup d'etat.

They don't care whether they will get any attention from any media. The only thing that they do care is how to react towards this situation, to show what they really feel.

After the declaration of martial law, followed by the coup, Chiangmai was and still is seen as the city of the resistance. The people are not passive. They conducted many symbolic activities such as lighting of ca…

Apa salah pokok itu hidup?

This poetry was written in respond to trees cutting in the writers area. To read more about the incident you can visit at this link (click here)

Apa salah pokok itu hidup pada aturan penciptaNya Saat pokok kita permasalahkan kerana pokok tumbuh di longkang-longkang kerna akarnya memecahkan saliran air daun-daunnya akan berguguran berselerakkan di jalan-jalan menutupi kereta persendirian kita ke longkang-longkang ke taman-tamansemak! merimbun! liar! kita permasalahkan itu semua tidak pada diri kita….
Pokok-pokok itu diam tidak berkata-kata tidak seperti kita manusia hebat berkata-kata itulah manusia berkata-kata menyalahkan semua tapi tidak diri kita
pokok-pokok dan hidupan alam diam-diam saja tidak berkata-kata pada kita manusia yang hari-hari menghancurkan merosakkan tidak merasa salah dengan mengorek tanah menebang pohon menghacurkan habitat lain merosakkan ekosistem dengan alasan membina untuk membangun demi pembangunan kesenangan kemewahan kekayaan
ok s…

The Silence of the Red

On June 5, a young independent journalist Rackchart ( travelled north, to the provinces of the "Red Shirt" to meet people, and to collect their stories of life under the curfew and under the junta.
Written by Rackchart Wong-Arthichart
More than four weeks now that Thailand, the land of smiles, has been ruled by the military junta. The patrols are everywhere on the street, fully armed. Chiangmai had one of the strictest curfews enforced among the 77 cities in Thailand. 

Due to the small scale of the city, that was not difficult for the army to control. Chiangmai is, and will always be, seen as the city of the resistance by supporters of the coup.
However, since the seizure of power, the anti-coup protests are few. We've seen only 100 - 150 people conduct symbolic protests in the central point of the city. What about the others? What about the local red-shirts that vowed to defend their ideals and resist if the coup happened?
Apparently, if you look c…

Penzalim Diri dan Agama

Hatiku benci kepada ustaz dan ustazah Hatiku benci kepada masjid Hatiku benci kepada para 'ulama Hatiku benci kepada orang yg menyebut-nyebut soal fatwa Hatiku benci kepada ahli-ahli surau yang tidak hirau betapa kuatnya speakers mereka
Apabila mereka tunduk kepada dogma Apabila mereka bangga dengan keindahannya berbanding pengisiannya Apabila mereka menurut kepada kehendak penguasa zalim Apabila mereka suka menghukum tanpa usul periksa Apabila mereka tidak memikirkan soal masyarakat Apabila Islam itu dijadikan alat untuk kepentingan melariskan dagangan atau mengukuhkan kuasa
Islam lebih sekadar luaran Islam penuh dengan hikmah Yang dalam kegelapan bisa cerah Bila Tuhan yang Pengasih berikan hidayah Jadi aku pelik apabila Islam menjadi sebegitu lemah Ditipu dengan sungguh mudah
Tapi kini aku tidak pelik lagi Manakan Islam tidak lemah dengan ummat yang sedemikian dangkal Yahudi tidak takut kepada orang muslim. Kenapa? Kerana ummat Islam bukan ummat yang membaca Mereka merelakan diri untuk takut kepada …

Old hand, tenderly touched by time

Georgetown, a historical part of Penang, the destination of my outreach. I do my best to keep the routine a few times in a year, to visit old friends and old acquaintances. Fair weather, sunny and cloudy on this particular day, with taunting promises of rain in the evening.

In the mid-90s, at times my visitations took me to distant Malaysian cities and villages, of which I found much pleasure to reach out to marginalized communities in Penang. Back then, as a semi-retired relief worker, I found the travelling to be as filling as the traditional nasi padang (a small banquet of vegetable, fish and fish, all red hot spicy Minangkabau cuisine). I dislike, largely because of my training and the adrenaline rush, no, I hate, the confinement of a centre much less an office.

I move towards the many stalls that decorate the street. Gurney Drive, a popular place to feast with family and friends, though not as crowded as I remember of yesteryears. It's clean, without a doubt thanks to the mun…