Homelessness: Foundering of Senses

Even when civilization has acquired knowledge, the wisdom of religious institutions, the lessons of past follies and the wits of modernization, such require no reward nor acknowledgement from me, the wandering individual, or the poor, and the masses. We live in a state of beggarism, within the constraints of puritanism and development, within reach of the uproar of sensibility and elitism; and yet we have failed to learn anything that would benefit our lives. Or have we simply forgotten, about the poor, with the ghastly sight of wretchness, as they walk the roads, in the back lanes, thousands of them in the slums; in a westernised city, be it in Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Phnom Penh or Kuala Lumpur.

Cities, with their bloated bureaucracy, are in constant drills, with repeated attempts at modernity for a vast network of skyscrapers and monstrous structures of fancy. We allow the building of such monuments, tributes to ageing tycoons, venerated leaders, patriotic visions, religious fervour and the blatant corporate need for immortality. All such, in the name of neglect, the abandonment of reason, the slow raking of logic, and the demise of compassion.

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