The Unseen Racial Intolerance in Malaysia is the go-to online job-hunting site for many fresh graduates in this country. The Internet has influence job seekers behaviour to move on from one employment to another and for those who are just about to start their first employment. The Internet has change drastically the way job seekers search for employment and the way employers recruit for new employees. 

Like many local graduates such as myself sought to to look for new perspectives and opportunities. Other than depending on classified section in newspapers, I choose the Internet to help me gather information and updates about job vacancy. I do not how companies filter job seekers applications through, fortunately, there are few companies that were interested with my resume and selected me to be their candidate for an interview. 

All job advertisements in are construct according to employers’ requirement. There is more in the job requirement than meets the eye of job seekers. As I went thru the first interview from company A for a position as a financial consultant, the whole process went well like many typical job interviews. When the company decided to arrange for the second interview, I was excited of course. Who wouldn’t be? Therefore, I attended for the second interview. 

At the beginning, all went well until the interviewer explained the reason why I was chosen to attend for that second interview. The reason being was that I was seen as a different individual. Internally, I take that as a compliment. Externally, my facial expressions could not lie what I felt was confusion with the reason given by the interviewer. As I allow the interviewer explain further about the reason for seeing me as a different individual, the interviewer then explained there was an internal reason why in the job advertisement, there were only two languages required for the position: English and Chinese. 

I was astounded yet I kept calm and compose to allow the interviewer continue to explain further. The position does not included Malay language as part of the language requirement because there will be many constitutional Malay job seekers send their applications for an employment placement in the company. Was this a reasonable way for many job seekers out there? Especially for the fresh graduates who wants to start their experience in the working world. 

The empathy in my society has vanished completely as I face such experience like this. To many people out there, this scenario viewed as a normal thing to happen in job-hunting. It is daunting to know that people see it as normality not as an alarming problem. This tiny piece of reality took me some time for me to contemplate in a bigger picture as I am sure that I am not the only one who faces a similar racial intolerance from other constitutional race besides than Malay.

There are may be even harsher experiences occurred to many people, especially to fresh graduates. This is one particular zone in a job seeker’s world, where apathy breeds continuously behind the dollar sign. I felt the vulnerability because the ugliness of this scenario and this zone can be so grotesquely vicious and unforgiving. That is a chapter of my reality as a job seeker. Has empathy become a forgotten noun? I can only wonder.

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