To wander in search of solace

A period of downpour, when strong winds from the sea descend upon the land and the hammering rain on to the monuments of urban architectural might and engineering feat. A few nights, precious time for a wandering soul, amidst the hidden poverty and obvious struggles of the working class.

The city was less hectic, hopeful of the fleeting moments, and filled with anticipation; then wrecked with the usual anxiety of the what is to be expected of days ahead. Of all the states in Malaysia, the heart is quite fond of Penang, an island away from the rigid mainland; where life is not completely blissful but the peace of mind it brings. Eagerness, in strenuous search for an understanding to those who are placed in the redundancy of cycles, and offer a weary hand to calm the nerves, to perhaps pull the lone individual from the despair caused by human existence.

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