A City Exhausted by Predictions, Drained by Soothsayers

Rain? On a Friday evening? Nay, the prediction that a rampaging, gigantic Storm pounding the colossal traffic went down the drain. Can't depend on the divination ability of prognosticators in city hall, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, nor can one depend on their luckless officials to maintain sustainable progress of urban planning, unless you're one of the lucky souls to be living in the residential areas of the upper middle-class.

Away from the main Silom road, to find a street filled with clubs, food stalls and sundry shops.

Weekend, a time for relaxation, recuperation for many in this mighty city of capitalistic appetite. Despite its obvious Thai-Buddhist flavour of shrines, temples and some architecture decorating the landscape, Bangkok is quite simply a westernised melting pot of whatever comes about; usually based on the latest trends and borrowed modern-culture values.

I make my way, down the twisted roads... eager to be rid of the central heart of shopping madness. The city offers much, whether in temptations or the singular plunge into the self-styled crazed.

Bangkok is not all about tall office buildings, shopping malls and frenzied crowds. Old, cramped flats greet the reality.

Traffic nightmare, and urban congestion, of concrete and steel with an ignored polluted canal. 

Temples, shrines, at times a contradiction to the urbanised population bent on westernisation.

A lone walk, for a construction worker. Many migrants hail from Myanmar and Cambodia, though caught in the cycle of hardship in Bangkok.

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