Back to the Kampung, the Return

The end of Ramadan, a beginning of the Hari Raya observance. A week back in the village, where clan members from afar visit and feast, of ritualised greetings, of talks of the distant past, and to welcome babies and newly married couples. Festivities in the kampung (village), with moderate celebrations and home-cooked meals among kin, siblings, their children and our elders. We consumed the time, and rested, feeling secured by familiar faces and comforting words.

When given an opportunity, I explored, for the thousandth time, the palm oil plantations, fishing jetty and the nearby town.

Another narrow road cutting across a plantation in Selangor.

Fishing jetty, with run-down houses and wooden huts near to Sungai Pelek.

Low tide, blistering sunlight and the strong smell of salt and fish.

Vegetables, fruits and poultry sold in Sungai Pelek's one and only market.

Even the villagers feel the impact of increasing cost of living. Their small gardens supplement their diet and income. 

On another route, a maze in the palm oil plantations. One can easily get lost in rural Malaysia, in which case I often wish I could just lose myself.

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