The Borderline of Impatience

When was the last time I saw so many active soldiers in a city, hmm, during a time when strength flowed divinely in my arms and legs, in a war-torn country far away from this region. I was on duty then, relief work and delivering aid, a young Zashnain, then in my elements.

The present, back in the south eastern realms of Asia. For months, the sight of soldiers on this large and densely populated commercial city have caused a stir on social media, though largely popular among those seeking an end to democracy, and at times notorious vibes connected to the men who swore an oath to fight both foreign and local threats. Though less intimidating to the urbanites, the city offers much more than just active & armed pretty boys in uniform, and the occasional forbidding looks of a female officer. No signs of recovery, yet, though this centre of population gives somewhat a relaxing moment, in the shadows and where sources of light shy away from curious eyes.

Night offers a vast opportunity of reflection, provided one is not caught in the city's notorious, hellish traffic.

Walking, exploring, tasting old cultures in modern times, and those not-so-rare moments of clarity. I enjoy them, the whole lot. What I would give to have the endurance of youth, if simply to explore beyond the maze-complexity, of beyond the imaginary elements of the urbanites, and leave their fantasies comfortably with them.

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