Traveling, Foresight in the Realm of Uncertainty

Thailand's road-maps, a series of steps to be carried out for national development are at best indeterminable. Unless I'm reading the wrong news and asking the wrong people, both urban and rural Thailand are unsure or clueless of what awaits their future. Watching the soothsayer's talents at divination is far more predictable than the national strategic plans for the economy, or health care, much less the mood swings of urban middle class. Oh well, at this point, I guess one goes with the flow, into the unknown and perhaps, beyond the comprehension of logic.

The Storm, revisiting Bangkok in the evenings. Flash flood season in the city, where urban planning against natural disasters seems ineffective.

Travelling has been exhausting. My focus, which is a great distraction, is on my outreach projects in Malaysia, with the usual bit of juggling schedules and coordination. As best, I focus on my curiosity in Bangkok, where urban sociology grows, mutates and vanishes at a moments notice. The city's sprawl is extensive, and just like the future, everything else seems in the blur.

Taxi riders in Silom, waiting for customers. Apparently times are bad for some, with low income, high competition and terrible debts to bank and loan shark.  

Street vendors, selling fruits by the roadside on small wheeled carts. Some work two jobs to make ends meet, a fruit seller by day and selling food in the evening.

She sweeps the pavement, the small rocks and the leaves, then empties the garbage, every week day, and often is ignore by those who litter the ground.  

Bicycles missing their riders, cheap travel but many are dependant on vehicles that congest the roads.

Aaah, the joy of travelling on boats on the river and in some canals. Though the city is far from being the "Venice of the East".

Morning meals, to feed the corporate population of Bangkok. Often meals of pork, chicken, broth, raw vegetables, noodles or sticky rice.

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