Movement of People from the River to the Streets

I try, I fail. Repeatedly. Its challenging not to peek at the local news, creeping on the screen or plastered on the news-stand, and ones that people eagerly. Thailand has a habit of showering me with moments of solitude, and often the flood of news, gossips and half-baked stories reach my ears and eyes.

Despite it all, I travel beyond borders of Bangkok's uncountable districts, from the concrete ornamented landscape to the crowded communities. I wander, pausing in between steps, and then I wonder whether a city this mighty has felt the impact of the new order, the political gaffe, and perhaps the error of social engineering. But then again, Bangkok has a habit of forgetting its roots, as it depends heavily on the nectar of dreams... and fancies.  

Zashnain Bangkok
Overbearing weeds creeping to swallow the metal barges at pier Sathupradit. 

Zashnain Bangkok
The pier offers access to affordable transportation, where boats wait in a timeless embrace on the river. 

Zashnain Thailand
A street vendor, on an unsuccessful night, is absorbed by the wizardry of her tablet. 

Zashnain Bangkok Thailand
Speed fiend, a common blur of intense manoeuvring.

Zashnain poverty
Elderly woman begging for money while sitting at the doorway.

Zashnain hungry
Night food vendor cutting up tofu, and offers vegetarian snacks

Zashnain Bangkok street
Thai women waiting at the roadside, watching.

Zashnain Silom
Manual dish washer in Silom, helping the nearby food stall. 

Elderly woman and her friend. She plays with the cat, trying to get the attention of pedestrian.

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