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Bigots can be the role model for Malaysian activists

It has been a quite challenging year for Malaysians. Countless and countless times bigots have tried their best to keep pace on their momentum so that their followers will continue to have faith in them and their causes. Like any average (radical) activists, bigots have their own way to spread their propaganda consistently and without fail. Personally, I admire their determinations and their togetherness. Even though what they did and what they preach are something that I am against wholeheartedly, but I cannot deny their tenacity in their causes. Yet, I wonder why many Malaysians could not let them go as in by how Malaysians keep on talking about them, their causes and their propaganda.

Ironically, I didn't see much tenacity, persistence and determinations from my country's left wing and far-left wing activists. Of course, for every educated left wing and far-left wing activists, they have their own arguments over technologies and capitalism etc etc etc. You be the judge, but …