Bangkok Soup Kitchen For The Urban Poor

Its empowering to see young people in Bangkok conducting outreach activities, such as this soup kitchen #FoodForFriends program. Their goal is to provide food and basic health services for the homeless and the urban poor. Most-at-risk populations, particularly in the slums and roadsides, are vulnerable to malnourishment, disease, labour exploitation and violence.

Image by "Human on Street" NGO

I've been keeping an eye on their work for a few months, and am delighted to find that the volunteer-based program is sustainable. However it seems they face an uphill battle when it comes to empowering the majority of Thai society towards positive 'charitable' behaviour. Not to mention the lack of accountability of the 'welfare department' of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

At this point, most feel that by dropping coins into the palms of the poor would satisfy this criteria of charity. Giving loose change doesn't help in poverty reduction, but empowering yourself to volunteer in community-based programs would be a good start.

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