Conquest of Paradise

Fundamental extremism, a topic that makes the headlines though one that appears to have left very little impact on the prevailing current of behaviours. A gifted, educated middle-class Malaysian society, that enjoys the economic luxuries, thanks to rapid transformation from agriculture-based community to a heightened corporate-conscious population. Yet, within this complex illusion of peace and tolerance, the multi-racial country is struggling for identity as groups rush for social, economical and political dominance.

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Aye, there are no short cuts to achieving a culture of acceptance, particularly with lingering and at times the dominating institutional ideology that smacks of so-called "governance" through what we perceive as a valiant attempt to instil morality and racial supremacy. Perhaps people have forgotten of the numerous raids, detention of Shia Muslims, all in the name of a puritanical exercise. Is this Islam?

Shia Muslims have been targeted in a campaign spearheaded by the government's religious officers as well as Umno leaders, with state television channels and mosques preaching to Malaysia's mainly Sunni Muslims on the danger of Shiism.

- The Malaysian Insider, 9 March 2014

So how is it that extremism exist in a politically-repressive society? Blame it on formal education in schools? Take a swipe at the mainstream propaganda of racial superiority? Or simply point your finger at the repressive institutional need for a subjugated population?

Then we have the militancy, supposedly growing in the hearts of some Malaysians.

Similar to the followers of the occult, the mindset of Muslim militants are difficult to "neutralise", says Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

- The Malaysian Insider, 1 November 2014

How does the government, enforcement agencies and ruling party intend to "neutralise" their enemies? And how will the establishment decide who is the enemy? With the recent crackdowns and intimidation of members of the opposition parties, student activists, bloggers and lawyers, using a British colonial-era law, the Sedition Act, the government has drastically deviate from its own branding of a peaceful nation, this non-performing 1Malaysia approach. And what of the bible-burning threats of the race supremacist group, Perkasa? Nothing? Typical.

Then we have the culture of surveillance, all in the name of national security. Or for political longevity of the status quo?

The Home Ministry wants the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) to be amended to allow information from communication tapping to be used as evidence in court to curb terrorism in the country.

- The Malaysian Insider, 1 November 2014

All I see is the tightening of screws, of the desire to control, and all in the name of maintaining order. Malaysia is reshaping itself, as days go by, with dogma as law, and the hysteria of ultra nationalistic pride driving people into silence.

Those seen to defy, to resist, or simply with different values of faith and perception of life are subjugated, punished and ostracised. Such is the insecurity of the establishment, which gives birth to the harshness of values devoid of humanity. And often finding order as a means to drive marginalized population into a profound sense of confusion and thus, the beginning of the end.

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