The Impairment of Logic: Land Rights and Identity

Defenders of ethnic Malays, or commonly referred to as Melayu in parts of Souteast Asia, are once again deluding this fantasy of their claim that they have been in the peninsula from time-immemorial. Aye, right-wing class-based delusions.

Land rights, racial identity of the so-called majority are purely for championing political ideology, one that threatens the extinction of the Orang Asli populations in Malaysia.

The migration of "civilization" (that we are so fond of self-classifying) had pushed the Orang Asli into the hills and rugged terrains - such that the early migrants and foreign traders desired. The indigenous populations were seen, and still viewed such in modern times, as primitive to development, and not needed in flourishing cities and growing towns.

As such, more often we unravel time to meet the demands of the victors. Our version of history becomes dominant, and in time, delusions become reality. We become the "Red Indians" and the Orang Asli simply don't exist in the mainstream view.

We often make at attempt to ostrocize the indigenous communities by advocating a greater identity for the majority, in this case, the majority of refined, educated urbanites, particularly those with the sociopolitical strength, coupled with the economical might, to subjugate the identity of the rural-based Orang Asli.

Such efforts and prevailing right-wing mentality hasten the extinction of the indigenous, and with that the beginning of our delusional fantasies of wealth, power, and for some, omnipotence.

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