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KL Soup Kitchen Seeks Supplies For Relief Work: #OpsKemaman #Banjir2014

Misi #OpsKemaman: Dapur Jalanan dengan kerjasama IMARET akan menyediakan masakan segar buat 2 ribu petugas dan mangsa banjir di Bandar Chukai, Kemaman.
Kami memerlukan sumbangan: -beras -bawang putih  -bawang merah  -minyak masak   -bihun  -spageti -maggi goreng  -ikan bilis  -ikan masin -sos cili  -sos tomato -kicap  -telur   -kentang  -santan kotak -serbuk kari -kacang dhal -gula  -garam  -cili boh
Hantarkan sumbangan anda ke Kelab Bangsar (berhampiran LRT Bangsar) selewat-lewatnya pada 4/1/2015.
Sebarang pertanyaan boleh hubungi talian hotline kami: +60183847030
Keperitan mereka, keperitan kita bersama.  Dan sumbangan anda, kegembiraan bersama.
Kembalikan senyuman pantai timur! Solidariti untuk Pantai Timur! #KerjaBakti

By @dapurjalanan "Misi #OpsKemaman: Dapur Jalanan dengan kerjasama IMARET akan menyediakan masakan…
— quratulain atiqah (@q_ainatiqah) December 31, 2014

#Banjir2014 #BantuanKilat - Mobilization Of Supplies By Young Malaysians

Volunteers at the centre, some organizing while others in deep discussion about the mobilization of supplies. The response from ordinary donors is encouraging, though its staggering to be reminded by the sheer numbers of "flood victims" displaced by this epic flood. At this point, what's reported in the news, nearly 160,000 people have been evacuated, with 10 deaths, which is seen as Malaysia's worst flood in more than decade.

These young relief workers plan to conduct their outreach activities from January 1, from relief aid work, distribution of supplies to affected communities and to cook for the displaced.

#BantuanKilat#Kelantan48jam. Bantuan boleh serahkan kpd kami, 5pm 28/12/14- 28/12/14). sebarkan!
— quratulain atiqah (@q_ainatiqah) December 28, 2014
#kelantan48jam#BanjirKelantan@DapurJalanan Bilik gerakan kami bersama hasil derma org ramai setakat ini.
— Azira (@ladymissazira) December 28, 2014

#Banjir2014 - Donations Needed For Flood Victims in Kuantan & Kemaman

Posted by Nany J. Haron:

East coast states such as Kelantan, Terengganu dan Pahang are recently hit by flash floods about hundreds injured, houses, crops & livestock damages recorded at high level. Thousands of men, women and children residing in open sky without basic food and health facilities. This is the time to respond quickly to support flood victims in this difficult situation. Food, blankets, clothing & medical supplies needed on urgent basis to save men, women and children affected mostly in the floods.

On behalf of myself in support for Kelab Bangsar Utama (KBU) wish to annouce that KBU is collecting donations for flood victims specifically in Kuantan and Kemaman. A group of 5 people including myself will be voluntering as relief workers and transports are covered. Details mentioned in the picture attached below.

Location to drop off donations is at Kelab Bangsar Utama, 52C, Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Our first location …

Coordinating Aid: Experiencing The Frustration At Base Camp

During moments of rest, I partly dislike my position, for being so far from communities-in-need, yet the coordination duties at "base camp" has kept me distracted from prolonged thoughts of low self-esteem. My colleagues, four independent relief workers, are on the ground in shifts, in troubled districts facing the floods, while I am confined to a room with modern gadgetry and communication tools to keep me company.

Though its still fresh on my mind, those frantic calls, some tired, some trembling, loud voices filled with crackling noises as networks and cell towers operate under the strain of the floods, far-flung terrains and poor weather. Others report in sharp tones, excited words pour as people share, complain, and to grief.

Floods, landslides in south Thailand, the ravages of nature, and made worse by the intentional oversight of man and authority. Then in Malaysia, the evacuation centres are filled with displaced families and news of their lost loved ones. Hundreds from…

Travelling Northeast: A Colourful Procession In Udon Thani

Udon Thani province. I was there for two days, on a whirlwind trip, trying to explore as much as possible. Weather was perfect, cooling with the whipping northern wind and the heavy clouds above. The procession, on the second day, commemorating the Thai King's 5th December birthday, in the city (more like a large town) was quite fun to watch.

An Infinite Range of Possibilities, Just Not In Bangkok

Midnight sale, and the usual shoppers are absent from the stores. Despite grinding prices, with jaw-dropping astonishment, Thais and foreigners shy away from mainstream shopping malls, this abandonment of capitalistic lifeblood in Bangkok. That spasm of eagerness to buy something beyond their means; all that, and more, are gone. 
Seems urbanites are not convinced, no longer seduced by the flashing signboards, marketing ploys and advertisements. Which is bizarre, particularly among this population. Its just Thainess to shop, to hunt and overspend.
Times are hard, but I'm sure the middle class knew that all along. Businesses haven't profited from the change of government, nor from the adamant leadership. A hefty price to pay, but then again I'm sure the social elites knew that too.
I wonder, truly, whether urban middle class society, confined in Bangkok with their appetite for comfort, are aware of the hardship in the less popular districts of the city, much less in the rura…

A Day Trip To Sungai Pelek, Returning To Familiar Sights

A day trip, back to the village. Where the absence of urban monstrosity brings me to a state of near-calm. I usually visit the villages within the Sungai Pelek vicinity, along with the daunting palm-oil plantations, fishing settlements with elevated wooden jetties, and the remote roadside eatery where indigenous Orang Asli, agricultural workers and fishermen sit back, smoking kretek, drinking coffee and the usual uninhibited conversations about gutter politics and social concerns.

Despite the increasing humidity and glare from the sunlight, I enjoyed travelling with my younger brother from sleepy town, village, past the plantations and dragon-fruit farms, to a secluded beach. The sea water is mixed with mud, its been like that for ages. The feet felt the familiar touch of heated soft, fine sand.

The surrounding terrain, enriched with small trees and invasive weed, "lalang" we locals call them, while mangroves and swampy vegetation dot the landscape.

Its good to be back.

Capacity For Change, Something We Dread

‎For as long as I can remember, many programs that have sought to discourage young people from "social ills" by providing them with institutionalised education and puritanical dogma failed because they did not seek the views of the youths themselves. 
Everyone has a right to express their views when decisions are being made ‎that directly affect their lives. And young people, particularly those ostracised by the educated, privileged community and the occasional self-proclaimed 'youth' leaders. 
Yet, as I travel further beyond the boundaries of comfort, into the rural terrains of South East Asia, I often find that civil society and the towering authority actually believes it's justified to remove the fundamental human right from marginalised communities.
And often uneducated, poor or rural young people fall into this wretched classification of being demonised.
Based on my focus group discussions with marginalised youths in scattered, crowded communities in Northe…

Not Responding to the Whims of the Elites

‎Mug of coffee, the lonely box of kretek and a writing pad with the untouched pen by its side. The trip to a forgotten village in Sungai Pelek has left me drained, partly from the blistering heat, the incredible Malaysian humidity and the numerous conversations with both locals and foreign migrant workers. 
Aye, all are affected by the institutionalised plantations where palm oil industry influences the lives of the rural poor. 
I've reached a point, this time around, where societal apathy has pounded the nagging anxiety. Indifference, others not mine, towards the lower class, those deemed by capitalistic whims are ostracised simply because they do not fit within the grand order of things. Even with the government's well-planned self-improvement masterplan to improve quality of life, I forsee trouble for the poor beyond the yearly propaganda. I wonder, with this level of hypocrisy among the state and federal officials, how is it different than the "road-maps" of Tha…