A Day Trip To Sungai Pelek, Returning To Familiar Sights

A day trip, back to the village. Where the absence of urban monstrosity brings me to a state of near-calm. I usually visit the villages within the Sungai Pelek vicinity, along with the daunting palm-oil plantations, fishing settlements with elevated wooden jetties, and the remote roadside eatery where indigenous Orang Asli, agricultural workers and fishermen sit back, smoking kretek, drinking coffee and the usual uninhibited conversations about gutter politics and social concerns.

Despite the increasing humidity and glare from the sunlight, I enjoyed travelling with my younger brother from sleepy town, village, past the plantations and dragon-fruit farms, to a secluded beach. The sea water is mixed with mud, its been like that for ages. The feet felt the familiar touch of heated soft, fine sand.

The surrounding terrain, enriched with small trees and invasive weed, "lalang" we locals call them, while mangroves and swampy vegetation dot the landscape.

Its good to be back.

Palm oil plantation near Sungai Pelek
Sungai Pelek
Small trees, white sand

The isolated beach, away from civilization

Bagan Lalang
On Orang Asli ancestral land, near Bagan Lalang village 

Muddied clearing, seared by man, emptied by greed

Malaysia Sepang
Road back to the village

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