An Infinite Range of Possibilities, Just Not In Bangkok

Midnight sale, and the usual shoppers are absent from the stores. Despite grinding prices, with jaw-dropping astonishment, Thais and foreigners shy away from mainstream shopping malls, this abandonment of capitalistic lifeblood in Bangkok. That spasm of eagerness to buy something beyond their means; all that, and more, are gone. 

Seems urbanites are not convinced, no longer seduced by the flashing signboards, marketing ploys and advertisements. Which is bizarre, particularly among this population. Its just Thainess to shop, to hunt and overspend.

Times are hard, but I'm sure the middle class knew that all along. Businesses haven't profited from the change of government, nor from the adamant leadership. A hefty price to pay, but then again I'm sure the social elites knew that too.
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I wonder, truly, whether urban middle class society, confined in Bangkok with their appetite for comfort, are aware of the hardship in the less popular districts of the city, much less in the rural parts of Thailand. A sacrifice sought by the rich minority, yet one they choose to impose on the masses. Makes them, the few, happy, when the brunt of calamity is not on them. 

Bangkok is still the home, and workplace, of many working class, and those who are removed from the hierarchy based on their low-born karma-induced 'untouchable' lives. A cage of some sort, for them. To work in the endless cycle, with increasing debts and mouths to feed. And what of healthcare for the population? Or is that too in the gutters? 

Meanwhile, the homeless are still wandering about, often ignored by the authority, living on a daily struggle to find a temporary roof over their heads, and a warm meal for the cold nights. And what of the migrants, the Thais travelling on a daily basis from other provinces to work in Bangkok? Cost of living seems to have increased, or made inaccessible to the poor.

A country moving towards high-income, some dare say. Most likely not, as even the intellectuals are clueless of the direction, though they often submerge themselves in denial. More often I chuckle when someone tries to explain the growth, and prospects of development. I doubt anything will move to improve, as long as martial law rules coupled with a lopsided political system of domination. 

This city, this infinite illusion, has been placed in the center which the entire country revolves. In fact, their troubles rotate with them, and the end is not within sight.

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