#Banjir2014 #BantuanKilat - Mobilization Of Supplies By Young Malaysians

Volunteers at the centre, some organizing while others in deep discussion about the mobilization of supplies. The response from ordinary donors is encouraging, though its staggering to be reminded by the sheer numbers of "flood victims" displaced by this epic flood. At this point, what's reported in the news, nearly 160,000 people have been evacuated, with 10 deaths, which is seen as Malaysia's worst flood in more than decade.

These young relief workers plan to conduct their outreach activities from January 1, from relief aid work, distribution of supplies to affected communities and to cook for the displaced.

Kuala Lumpur
Supplies for flood victims at collection centre

Volunteers waiting at the roadside for donations (Pic: Nany)
Discussion and coordinating a check-list (Pic: Nany)
"We need to recruit 80 people that can cook and serve 2,000 people. Resources needed such as bahan-bahan mentah dan kering." says Nany J. Haron, who is one of the relief workers volunteering for Dapur Jalanan https://twitter.com/DapurJalanan. "We will try to collaborate with bigger groups to get more funds to supply resources to cook."

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