Post-Flood Recovery, Increasing Hardship and Poverty

#Banjir2014 - a gradual build-up of monsoon. Then the downpour on ancient terrain, raging water on developed land and sweeping onto areas torn by deforestation. The worse Malaysia flooding in decades, and certainly with the most expensive price-tag to rebuild.
Malaysia Banjir

More than twenty deaths, a handful missing individuals, and the floods didn't spare the population, where over 200,000 people displaced, most from the east coast of peninsula Malaysia.

The destruction of housing, the damage the flood, mud and landslide that wrecked homes. Schools, hospitals and religious buildings were not spared by nature's wrath. Damage to irrigation, small factories, from rural to the urban settlements. Then we have the submerged homes, damages to crops and livestocks, and roads shudder from the weight of muddied floods. A heavy price for our insatiable hunger for progress and our neglect for the environment.

Recovery, now for many families will take a toll on their dwindling savings, loss of wage, of small businesses and farms. A trying period ahead, for a community orphaned by nature and made poorer by our cravings for development.

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