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The Consciousness of Outreach, The Merry-Go-Round of Social Concerns

Drained. Some days appear right while others rob the strength from the limbs. Too many issues have emerged. It is good, a healthy indicator one can say, that marginalized people are sharing their views and experiences however as an outreach worker I can do little to influence the political landscape. Changes are what they need, what we need.

I pass the information, and referring cases, to the local NGO, who are mandated to serve the community, their constituency; and as expected the organization lacks the focus and resources to manage the growing cases, from the need for continued counselling services to intervention work. Growing concerns on the lack of support from the government, one that appears to be more interested in societal strangulation than rights-based social protection mechanism. Growing concerns of the urban poor, courtesy of an uncontrolled urbanization and the somewhat their resignation to the karma, that the junta will stay put for quite some time.

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Under Siege: Basic Liberties

Crackdowns, the knee-jerk reaction to dissent. Arrests, the institutionalised detention of the non-conformists.

Caring not of common sense and human rights, Malaysia slides into the cesspool of repression where obedience is the core value for the masses to swallow. Though not everyone is willing to be silenced by the authorities, and many more will continue advocating for justice in a country dominated by the ruling elites.

@AdamAdli & @mandeepkarpall ditahan polis. Akan dibawa ke Jinjang
— Ⓐiman Hakim (@AimanHkim) March 14, 2015


Poor State of Thai Education For Children With Disability

My jumbled thoughts and growing concerns of the predicament of Thai education for children living with disabilities. The flaw naturally is the lack of political will to the furtherance of rights, especially in a junta-controlled country.

The focus of the regime is primarily on political sustainability, the control, or as many say the strangulation of the population. While concerns are placed on the mainstream pick of human rights, along with the senseless bitching that comes with that territory, and the economy, the less-popular reality of parents with special children are struggling in an environment that seeks moral perfection and obedience.

Some parents of disabled children tell me that while there are laws, policies that advocate for rights, however during these times, the absence of democracy stunts their ability to push the junta for changes. Others worry of repercussion should they voice their concerns to the education ministry or the school.

So what happens to marginalized com…