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Poverty has no place in the legacy of elitism

As much as the minority elites love the political spectacle of absolute power and the stimulation of authoritarianism, there's an obvious neglect of basic rights among the low-income, and the marginalized. I returned home, weary from the humidity and travel, only to find news that the authorities plan to register the poor in a grand exercise of so-called fact-gathering, to feed them into a database of some sort.

When it comes to accountability, what happened to data collected during the times of past prime ministers? Or is it that Thailand, under this absolute rule, has reached a point of carelessly throwing half-baked ideas in meeting rooms? All in the name of anti-poverty, I'm sure, and to top it off, this database proposal creates more questions than actual rights-based, realistic solutions.

With several incidences of the poor protesting, advocating for the rights of land and identity (as a result of statelessness) for the past few months, the authorities have miserably fa…