Short, High-Pitched Sounds of Hat Yai

This photo was taken in Hat Yai, one of Thailand's largest cities in the south. I've been to this city and the surrounding countryside many times before. Despite the gnawing hardship and the frequent migration of young people to distant cities in search for employment and education, life in Songkhla province is simple and satisfying.

Its so unlike Bangkok, thankfully. The southern courtesy, of hospitality, and good 'southern-style' cuisine, rich in thick curry and spices, that unique blend of Patani and Melayu flavours.

Anyway, the two elderly Muslim women squatted down on the pavement, waiting for customers to buy small birds. Caged birds are popular, a pastime, particularly among the older generation in many parts of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Hot weather, slight traffic at the narrow corner, I don't mind. I think, its best for now, that I forget the concrete jungles of Bangkok and focus on the birds; enthralled by their chirping.

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