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de facto Owner of the Soil

‎It is in any case not a challenging feat to assess the outcomes of the military rulers since they came into power. On their, his, own confession, they have made innumerable mistakes; but it is probably a sign of their lack of understanding about politics, the perseverance of young people, that the institutional forces have failed to win them over. 
They sought, in the beginning, to take gigantic and rapid strides towards cowing society. Civil obedience and moralistic doctrine were expected, of society and in particular the rural poor. 
Little more could be elaborated, yet the same cycle of redundancy that democracy needed reform, according to them, and that communities had to toe the line for nationalism. Or what's perceived as the love for the nation. Amateurish, perhaps, but on ‎that was done in wholesale fashion. 
The common man, the ordinary citizen, directed by the institution - and provided he sympathised with the regime - was dressed in his little brief hour of authority. Aft…

The Next Day Dawned

‎The magnificent sight of a sunset in Bangkok reminds me of my travels, of work back in Malaysia. There, a few loose ends that require my attention and the outreach in the palm-oil plantations of Sungai Pelek.
I look forward to exploring the terrain, revisiting rural communities in a forgotten realm where many Malaysians neglect to help. Sad, it's been like this for ages, and still the same painful state of ignorance. 
I will see the burning sunrise on the other side. 
I look forward to it, eagerly. 

In Philosophy of Exclusion

Marginalised communities, made vulnerable by conflict and the absence of rights. They, and we, are confronted by a paradox, the legacy of institutional longevity.

Shifting between societal expectations of integration and survival, and that compulsion to embrace the dominant doctrine of incorporation. Of a state, subjugated.

Yet despite it, there exist the occasional resistance to such 'norm' as we know it, there are pockets of resistance; those who refuse to be silent, rejecting the simplicity of common practise. Of rule of law, when it, this institution, that determines the building blocks of what is meant to be, based on their flawed righteousness and suffocating right-wing morality.

But they, the outcasts, refuse this concept of living under the heel of an institution. Known as rejects or anarchists, the very being of atomization, they struggle under harsh conditions, often hounded by ideological enforcers of social purity.

During these times, those who resist the demise o…