Revisiting the City of Loss

Bangkok, again. This colossal city still offers much to a seasoned traveller. Its still outrageously impressive and overwhelming. I welcomed the familiar sensations, the congested roads, the terrible traffic, the troubling societal contradictions, I embraced them all.

Thailand's capital, the vast twisted labyrinth, and one I dubbed many years ago, the City of Loss.

Thailand Bangkok Zashnain
A Thai Buddhist temple with a crematorium, in the middle of a busy neighbourhood. Bright sky, and thoughts of a fiery end. 

Bangkok Water Zashnain
Bangkok, known as the Venice of the East, yet the local authorities have failed to protect the city's canals from contamination.

Thailand Travel Zashnain
A small roadside eatery, and my newly-made friends.

Bangkok Zashnain
A fire hydrant, alone in an alley.

Bangkok Travel
Gifts for the dead.

Fast lane, well almost. Bangkok is notoriously known for its suffocating traffic.

Masjid Zashnain
A forgotten side entrance to a place of worship. Beyond the wooden gates, one can find the Masjid Darul Abidin.

Buddhism Bangkok
A shrine on the boat, where Thai Buddhists would offer prayers for safe passage.

Bangkok Travel Zashnain
The figurine and tiger waits for the wind.

Low ceiling, tarnished wall with a door that leads to someone's home.

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