Dapur Jalanan: The Right to Food for the Homeless Community in Kuala Lumpur

Dapur Jalanan, a volunteer-based soup kitchen service operates every Sunday at Jalan Panggong, in Kuala Lumpur. The program (https://twitter.com/DapurJalanan) offers free food and drinks to the homeless and marginalized in the city. On 20th September 2015, I was able to capture some moments with the volunteers at work and their clients.

By 5:40pm Dapur Jalanan's clients were already lining up and waiting. The service is well-organized, and managed professionally by experienced volunteers.

Volunteers preparing the tables. Many of the volunteers consist of young people, some from the local universities, while others are concerned citizens who want to help out.

By 6pm, the crowd increased to 87 people. Many are repeat clients who are familiar with DJ and its services.

Dapur Jalanan's partner offering clothes and toiletries to the homeless. Besides the lack of access to housing, the clients also face hardships related to poverty and societal stigmatization.

Everyone has the right to food. A human right often ignored by the institutions and even civil society in the country.

Clients eating at the roadside. 'Tomyum' was on menu. People would eat, then return the used bowls and utensils to the volunteers.

Volunteers clearing up. Two hours late, I observed slightly over 100 homeless, marginalized people who came for the soup kitchen. 

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