Gateway: A Day and Night in Bangsaen

What seems to be a popular gateway for the locals, Bangsaen provides an almost laid back town and beach. While many foreigners prefer the expensive romanticism of Pattaya, which is a short distance away, one of the many reasons that Thais prefer Bangsaen is the affordable price tag.

The road trip from Bangkok was quite pleasant, mainly because my friend drove the vehicle. I managed to doze off, much to her annoyance. Once we arrived, the beach, the town, the scenery, and perhaps being away from Bangkok, dispelled her irritation.

Frequent trips out of Bangkok have somewhat lowered my anxiety attacks, of feeling trapped in a nightmarish capital. Nowadays I look for any excuse to take short rest periods.

Anyway back to Bangsaen; despite the lack of upper-class sophistication and comforts, visiting the town was a welcome change to my work routines. The town offers much to the locals, particularly students. Bangsaen is the host to a government-based centre of higher learning, Burapha University -- my friend said the university is the largest in the eastern region of the country.

I enjoyed the brief stay, with the salty sea wind, friendly folks and the lingering thoughts of Chonburi province.

Sunset: the wash of colours across the sky, signally the end of a day.

A traditional urban home, usually hosts a couple of families. Many Thais band together when it comes to housing, so as to save cost.

Songthaews: cheap taxis, quite popular among the locals. 

Roadside snacks: 20-baht treat. Thailand is well known for its diverse street food vendors and eating habits.

Night market at Bang Saen Walking Street: many young people and students sell and buy cheap, handicrafts. This young woman skilfully produced artworks on notebooks, which cost 40 baht. A bargain, if you ask me.

University students at the night market to buy or wander with their friends. Those who sell at the market work part-time for extra cash or to make ends meet. A hard-working community.

Fishing boats, at a distance. A small settlement of fishermen and their families. Despite the presence of local tourists, seafood is affordable compared to Pattaya. 

Chinese-Thai Buddhist Shrine: A doorway to the spirit realm.

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